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Their are definitely times Jon/Richie have taken a strong influence from another song and made almost their own version of it.

Joey is the perfect example. Jon loves Elton John's Levon and clearly he wanted to try and create something similar himself.

Is their anything sinister about this or any insinuation that Jon or Richie can't write their own songs or don't have their own ideas? Of course not and anyone who suggests it is a bloody idiot.

Jon/Richie have more songwriting credits than a thousand other artists. Their songs have appeared on a dozen other artists records. And for all their songs that sound somewhat similar to ALWAYS sounds like a Bon Jovi song.

Aside from that their true masterpieces of song craft, the Dry County and These Days and Keep The Faith, and lets not forget Livin On A Prayer.

I kinda don't see the point in this and the other thread.
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