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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

I'll bet you 100 dollars you can't make a list of 20 songs of any other artist similar like the one I made for Bon Jovi. You just said you can do it with any artist, but now you don't want to back up your statements "because you don't care enough to do so." You can't.

I'm not implying Bon Jovi doesn't go to Nashville to write with others, I'm not saying the songs they co-wrote with others have been solely written by the co-writers either. However, the songs listed so far are very obvious examples of where Bon Jovi got their inspiration from. It wouldn't be such a bad thing either if they'd just take parts of songs ythey'd like and put them in their own songs. However, if you need to completely steal a chord pattern from start to finish in order to get your point across then what's the point of writing the song anyway? You might as well cover the original.

You're making stuff up now, it's as if you can't separate one thing from the other. Some songs have been written by others completely, and then there's songs they wrote while pretty much nicking the melody from another song. It's not rocket science now is it? If the whole concept is to difficult to understand don't get involved in the discussion.

No one is saying they're not writing things themselves. However, if you want hard facts, they're pretty much presented in this topic. If you don't hear the similarities in the songs that's pretty much your incapability. It doesn't mean that the facts aren't true. Anyone can hear Capt. Crash is a direct rip off from Stay Young, up to the point where Jon's put the word Invincible. Stay Young was released in 1997. Capt. Crash was released in 2000. What's not to understand here?

Yeah, but again, what's the point? It's like re-inventing the wheel. Why try to write a song that's already been written and then claim it's completely your own? In the end it's just a rip off, whether you like it or not.

The thing is, you're pointing out that Faith and Prayer have been written by the band while both songs have a very strong hand of Desmond in it. I'm not saying they've never written a song by themselves, but considering how the rumors of them having ghost writers having been around ever since Slippery it should make you wonder what actually does come from their hand. Simply accepting that These Days was solely written by Jon simply because he wrote Dry County as well is living in denial of everything that's offered to you. Everything sounding like Bon Jovi isn's that true either, the songs have radically changed since Crush, which happens to be when more and more co-writers got involved as well. Bon Jovi sounding like Bon Jovi has more to do with the producers and the sound of the band than with the songs itself. However, if Bon Jovi are capable of covering any song and make it sound like one of their own, how difficult would it be for them to do the same with songs they nick of others? Their rendition of I Won't Back Down sounded like a Bon Jovi song to me, and so does Thief Of Hearts. Is that a co-incidence as well?

Considering the replies on here it almost seems that people are incapable of discussing this, feeling attacked by someone who's questioning the sincerety of their heroes and the songs they've written. It seems like it doesn't matter how much proof you (not you crashed, but you as in the people who doubt the entire story in general) get, you've made up your mind that Jon and Richie start the songs and then add a co-writer, which just isn't true. Just because that's what Jon wants you to believe doesn't mean that it's true.

Salaam Aleikum,
I don't know how it was in the UK but during the mid to late 90's there was a trend out called "sampling". P Diddy made a career out of it so IMO, that is blatantly steeling.... Jon stealing Joey from Levon is not obvious. They both share a story about a specific individual but that's it as far as my ears go. They sound nothing alike. Bon Jovi has written over 300 songs. Bon Jovi has influences. When Jon wrote Dyin Ain't Much Of A Living" he said he had Elton in mind and then was lucky enough to get him to sing on the song. He's not stealing anything.

There are Influences, Trends, and Coincidences.... But the point you're trying to make with this post is, Jon has no originality. Regardless if you're a Jon supporter or not, Jon is not out stealing songs.

If you need a list of Bon Jovi songs that have something in common with others, look at old posts. There are 20 of them out there all with the same songs.
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