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Originally Posted by crashed View Post
I think Joey and Levon sound VERY alike. It's the one instance I'll say where Jon has definitely copied another song...why, just because he likes it I guess.

Seb, your right...maybe it is a little like reinventing the wheel. I still don't see the problem with it. Just like any book you ever pick-up is hardly likely to be a new kind of story no-ones ever read...just a new take on it or a different feel and writing style.

I get what your saying about Desmond but in many ways, he's been so much a part of Jovi since Slippery that he's almost the invisible band member. We all know Jovi may not have had massive hits without him. But oddly, most of my favourite Jovi songs are the ones credited to Jon or Richie alone.

I certainly don't think for example anyone else but Jon had any input into Dry County or Bed Of Roses came from anyone but Jon. It just sounds too honest, as does most of the songwriting on These Days.

The problem really is what we've discussed before, since 2000 they've been chasing the hits and using any style and influence to get there. But you all know I loved The the point is I enjoy it no matter who wrote most of the songs on it.

Remember some of the most classic songs of all-time were never written by the artists that made them famous, but by a building full of songwriters in New York or somewhere.

I don't think it makes it any less genuine because of that.

Jovi are my heroes, but I know this band for what it is. Sometimes it's not pretty, their are very mafia-like shady dealings in all sort of corners not just with songwriting and Jon changes his story as much as his haircuts.

None of it matters. Being in a stadium full of Bon Jovi fans singing Livin' On A Prayer is the single, most joyful experience I have every few years. That's why I'm a believer and always will be.
Well writen, I 100% agree, specialy with last quote!
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