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Originally Posted by crashed View Post
I certainly don't think for example anyone else but Jon had any input into Dry County or Bed Of Roses came from anyone but Jon. It just sounds too honest, as does most of the songwriting on These Days.
I still can't believe Richie doesn't get any credit for Dry County. It's outrageous. When Jon came in the studio with it, it was a 4 minute song. Richie wanted it an EPIC. While Jon will have probably come up with the lyrics and most of the melody, I am sure there are songs in the Jovi catalogue for which Richie got credit for way less than he's done on Dry County. Just ridiculous.

Guns N' Roses used to split credits between all band members, all getting 20%, maybe Axl getting slightly more. Even the drummers would get credit. There is NO ****IN' WAY Jon Bon Bon should be the only one credited for Dry County. It's still beyond my imagination really. There must be a weird deal struck there (My hypothesis, lots of cash went into Richie's bank account to leave Jon all the merits of that).
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