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Originally Posted by Alphavictim View Post
It's kinda refreshing to see the whole pessimist nostalgia angle being called out. For all the shit you could give Jon (who isn't the sole lyricist in BJ anyway), Bounce with its overtly political lines as well as 2020 (same) were unheard of from Jon in 1997.

And Just Older, and to an even greater extent, God Bless This Mess, showed a lot of realness and mortality in the JBJ universe. Certainly no song from the 90s talked about his voice being shot!
"I can't sing a love song like the way it's meant to be, well I guess I'm not that good anymore."

But other than that, yeah. Nostalgia is a dangerous drug. I certainly fear how I might idolize the things happening today in 15-20 years from now, because when I see people online doing that (usually in music, but also other forms of entertainment I follow like sports, films, etc.), it looks pathetic.

I don't think Jon changed much as a lyricist over the years. He always had some great catchy lyrics and some absolute cringy ones. The topics change, but not the quality. Difference is, he just that he had a much better instrument (his voice) to deliver the passion in those lines.
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