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Originally Posted by Walleris View Post

I don't think Jon changed much as a lyricist over the years. He always had some great catchy lyrics and some absolute cringy ones. The topics change, but not the quality. Difference is, he just that he had a much better instrument (his voice) to deliver the passion in those lines.
I don't know if I 100 percent agree. His writing style took a massive change after his two most lyrically-personal albums failed in the US. There isn't really anything as...I guess dumb is the right word, lyrically as It's My Life on either of those two albums. He's always been a cliche-ridden guy but 2000 onwards it became more touch the sky, fly, never die, never give up. To an extent, yeah, the band has always been that but it was never as obvious. You're right though, when his voice was at it's peak the passion was there and you believed it. In These Arms isn't a great song lyrically but he belts it out like it is.
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Don't make the mistake of thinking that even 1% of Bon Jovi fans are like you, because they aren't. Don't think you know how Bon Jovi fans think. You don't. You know yourself. Stick to that.
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