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Originally Posted by Kathleen
The tour that followed Slippery was New Jersey and it is well documented that he had throat and singing problems. He talks about it on Behind the Music also. BUT - in my opinion - the finest vocals that Jon did were during the Keep the Faith and These Days tours which is a few years after the New Jersey tour.

The real problems with his throat were on the Slippery tour. By the NJ tour he was already working with a voice coach and had altered his approach..for the better as far as I was concerned. The issue with the NJ tour was the sheer length of it...with which came the usual problems that affect any singer on tour...but it doesn't compare with the Slippery tour.

That said..I completely agree with you that his finest vocals were the KTF and These Days tours, he had struck the perfect balance and the maturity in his voice (in the best sense) was very apparent. Though let's not overlook the Destination Anywhere tour, which is where I feel he should be operating at vocally at a minimum.
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