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Default Jon's Reward For Supporting Current NJ Governor -- a paved road?

Quote: When does a highway repaving seem to be more than a routine job? Maybe when it happens on a highway near the neighborhood shared by the governor and a rock star.

That appeared to be the reasoning by some Middletown residents, after the intersection of Route 35 and Navesink River Road was repaved earlier this month, creating a social media firestorm.

Murphy and another famous Jersey guy of note, Jon Bon Jovi, have palatial estates off Navesink River Road, where they can watch colorful sail boats ply the Navesink River. Getting to the rest of civilization involves a bumpy ride on pot marked and patched Navesink River Road...

“The condition of that intersection has been horrible for many years. All of a sudden, within the past few weeks, the intersection has been repaved,” wrote Marcel Francisco, in a post directed at Murphy. “It seems extremely strange that that intersection, and ONLY that intersection has been recently repaved and, that Jon Bon Jovi is hosting a ‘Fund Raiser’ for Cory Booker at his residence in the very near future. Could there be a connection there?”
Could there be a connection there? Only if you're an idiot.

Jon has long since stopped living there full time: these days, he summers in the Hamptons and lives in New York City. If it's taken so many years to get repaved, the culprit is Murphy's predecessor Chris Christie!!!

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