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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

Sure, but how much of the stuff you shared was actually bought by you instead of downloaded from a server set up by someone else? Or recorded by someone else? Or bought by someone else who put it online for free? It's easy to say you've shared things that didn't cost you much effort to aquire to begin with.

Salaam Aleikum,
Everyone has the option to share or not their most precious possessions. Whether partial or complete. I only give one more opinion.

I have collected for years a lot of singles, maxi-singles and strange editions, not only of Bon Jovi. but I am not a purist in the sense of having everything physically. I bought singles that I was missing, and other fans have bought singles that I did not check to exchange them and increase the catalog.

I always cared more about the song (live, demo, b-side .... format? mp3, wav, flac ..) than phisical fetishism. I spent hundreds of dollars to get things I not could download, but let's be honest, if these things would have been easy to find, I would not have bought them, and that does not mean I value those songs less, that material.

Share is a necessy and for fans to discover new songs. But when you pay a disorderly price it is a nuisance. I wish nobody would have to pay 5,000 dollars for listening to those tapes. I can understand that if it is the original cassette that David or some engineer assistant or technician had as a 1st generation, maybe it is worth that money, but when you pay that amount to obtain a 2nd generation tape, it is a nuisance.

I would not mind paying for a good digital ripping of those demos at a reasonable price, but that's not a business, so because of this, it's easy to choose which would be the best way to discover these songs.
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