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Kerrang: Mike Edwards from Jesus Jones did a house remix of "Keep The Faith". What's the story?
Jon: Mike was great. I never even spoke to him, actually. We sent him the tapes. He wanted to do it. He did it and I don't even think we're gonna release it. Great idea, great in theory. It just didn't overly excite me. He did a great job. I didn't know how I could go out and do it live.

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Aloha !

I've just read an unofficial biography about Bon Jovi with some quotes from Jon. There's something written about the mixes that were made during the Keep The Faith era.

The band went so far as have to have Mike Edwards of techno-pop act Jesus Jones work on dance mixes though, after a lot of agonizing, the band decided against releasing them, feeling that they were ultimately unrepresentative.

"There are no boundaries,"insisted Jon. "But I won't go off at a complete tangent just to satisfy someone else or to make this band out to be something it's not. Let's face it, I already have a great drummer, so what do I want with a drum machine ? You can't kid yourself: Bon Jovi are a rock band and with the acid-house mix I felt we were drifting into an area that was completely foreignt to us, and probably to most of our audience. The secret is to strike the right ballance."

I doubt if Jon still thinks the same...

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