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Originally Posted by Walleris View Post
It's been inconsistent and depended on the state of Jon's voice. Started around 2002, he stopped around 2007 as his voice got better and was live all the way to 2015; even in 2013 H2 as he sounded attrocious he still kept trying to do it live, to his credit I guess. And if I remember correct, that very first 2015 show he also tried, but obviously failed miserably and so for the second show the crew started playing that 2013 Metlife recording.

Nowadays, he sings on top of the playback, but the playback part gets removed from those official soundboard recordings.

And yes, it's been discussed to death, I'm baffled how people still question this at this stage, or even worse, try to make the case that Jon is "in fact singing live"

I can tell you with 100% certainty that NOTHING is removed from the "official recordings". I know the people who do the post on them and they do nothing but track them, tag them and send them out to be downloaded.
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