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Originally Posted by ThePunisher View Post
I can tell you with 100% certainty that NOTHING is removed from the "official recordings". I know the people who do the post on them and they do nothing but track them, tag them and send them out to be downloaded.
You know Obie? Or who does the post on those? They do a good job BTW, the band sounds real good on it. Jon so and so, mainly, because the vocal levels are varying way too much. And are too dry. Maybe add a little compression and reverb on them?

But back to the topic: maybe nothing is *removed*, but then the backing track isn't *added* like in the live show. We have audience and sound board versions of Prayer from one of the earlier shows and you can tell the difference on the line just before the solo. Other parts for example have been pitch-corrected (Saturday Night from one of the shows comes to mind). Just check it out and compare for yourself...
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