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Default Make a record comprised entirely of non-album tracks since 2000

Hell, why not. Boxset tracks don't count as new unless they were recorded after 2000, so no The Radio Saved My Life Tonight. Also, you're free to use demos or alternate versions. Officially released or unreleased doesn't matter, so the HAND demos qualify. Burning Bridges, outtakes or not, is a regular album, so Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning is not a non-album track. Given they weren't on a studio album, the new tracks from the GH qualify.

Here's mine (track order random):

1. Another Reason To Believe
2. Postcards From The Wasteland
3. Dirty Little Secret
4. What Do You Got?
5. This Is Love, This Is Life
6. Stay
7. Nothing
8. Blood On Blood (AOL sessions; was on the TLFR bonus DVD)
9. Lonely
10. One
11. Have A Nice Day (demo)
12. And of course - Beautiful Day
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