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Default Most INTERESTING album?

By interesting I don't mean best. I mean that the album and its history might be interesting in terms of parameters, chances taken and all that. For example, the Rolling Stones released an album in 1986 called Dirty Work, and during its creation, Jagger and Richards basically hated each other. The album also features some very atypical elements for the band (among them a very 80s track called Back To Zero). It's pretty interesting in terms of history, songs and all, but it's hardly beloved.

What is the most interesting Bon Jovi album to read about, dissect the creation and all that? I can think of several candidates - Keep The Faith which saw them trying to change up their sound a bit (and leaving lots of great stuff on the floor in the process), Crush (the comeback album, similar situation), Bounce (a very schizophrenic record due to the 9/11 background versus trying to make a pleasant record to actually sell), WAN (made with little involvement from Richie), THINFS (first album without Richie)... and I'm sure lots of you will argue in favor of These Days as you folks wont to do!

So, yeah, what is, to you, the most INTERESTING Bon Jovi record?
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