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I know it's not a band record, but in some way I think Blaze. I know that Jon has said time and time again that although he was writing about Billy the Kid, the lyrics ended up being about him. I think these are some of Jon's best lyrics, and when you look at it from that angle, it's a very personal and introspective record, maybe his most so. Ironic that it's a soundtrack album. I think that passion that Jon deliveres on this record was also never equalled in the studio and musically it's quite diverse. When I come back to this record after not listening to it for a while, it always blows me away. I can still, after all this years, just sit there and listen to it without doing anything else and take it all in. Surounded him self with fantastic musicians too! Really interesting to hear him with the likes of Jeff Beck, Elton John, Little Richard, Kenny Aronoff etc

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