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There's quite some stuff in many albums that I'd like to get more details about:

- Bon Jovi: how much was actually written by the band and how much was played on record by them? There've been rumours that some more stuff than Runaway was still added by session musicians.

-7800 Fahrenheit: very narrow time frame in terms of writing and production. But how was the mood in the band in terms of having to live all in one appartment, not getting forward on the production front (i.e. Jon wording his displeasure with some of it quite shortly afterwards), feeling the pressure, having the demos stolen etc.

- SWW and NJ are quite well covered I'd say

- Blaze would interesting on so many levels, especially since it was somewhat the dawn of Jon's grey summer period and that period and it all leading into KTF is something that I've always found fascinating

- Keep The Faith simply for the fact on how hard the band was actually experimenting with sound changes in order to adapt to the times. Some of the bonus tracks / demos show that they didn't shy away from anything I'd say (remember the vastly different Diamond Ring demo).

- These Days mostly for the "Open All Night" sessions where Jon said that they "trashed all" because of him not liking the tuning, the sound and so on. I'd assume that some tracks that ended up on These Days were already done there and I'd so like to hear a few of these different approaches.

- Destination Anywhere: one of my favourite albums and the overall mood is much introspective and, let's say, "gloomy". In my mind, the whole recording of the album has a certain picture and I'd love to know how far off that was. Hard to explain though.

- Crush: similar situation to Keep The Faith. Also interesting to get into the "how Max Martin came on board" field. Was the band feeling the pressure of not having a good lead single and opted to get in touch like they did with Desmond Child or was it the record company fearing a disaster and forcing them to the collaboration?

- Bounce: how much was it the album they wanted to make? The Target EP songs, to me, paint quite a different picture of how they had envisioned it to sound. Was it so "divided" due to the incorporating 9/11 or was it again more of the record company's pressure (i.e. including All About Lovin' You).

- The Circle: I've heard the rumours from someone partially involved in the record making process at the time, that there was a lot of "artistic tension" between Jon and Richie since they both envisioned a totally different sound for the album and I feel that the middle ground they ended up with was to no one's full pleasure.

- What About Now: the overall mood, not only with Jon and Richie, but with the whole band is quite interesting. Were there harsh fights behind closed doors (since Tico also shut Jon off when it came to the first recordings) or did they just shut up and grind through that piece of junk?

The albums afterwards don't interest me THAT much
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