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Motley Crue have done it can Bon Jovi??

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Old 07-14-2008, 11:32 PM
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I have the feeling the band is lacking enthusiasm in the last years. Maybe it's because they got where they wanted to be, maybe it's because they're older, but I don't see the same drive they used to have a decade or more ago. The newer albums seem, to me, to be a bit lifeless in comparison to the older ones, the strength, the punch is missing. I say the same about the tours, except for the current one. There is a special spark there again, which I hope can be tranferred to a possible new album.

Will they go back to their roots? I don't see it happening, I don't think it's them anymore. Can they still make a great album? I definitely think they have it in them still.
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Old 07-15-2008, 11:36 AM
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heres my view on the albums

Runaway 9
Roulette 7
She Don't Know Me 7
Shot Through The Heart 7
Love Lies 6
Breakout 7
Burning For Love 8
Come Back 7
Get Ready 7

In And Out Of Love 9
Price Of Love 9
Only Lonely 9
king of the mountain 2
Silent Night 9
Tokyo Road 8
Hardest Part Is The Night, 9
Always Run To You 9
To The Fire 2
Secret Dreams 9

Let It Rock 10
You Give Love A Bad Name 10
Livin' On A Prayer 9
Social Disease 7
Wanted Dead Or Alive 10
Raise Your Hands 10
without love 8
I'd Die For You 10
Never Say Goodbye 10
Wild In The Streets 10

Lay Your Hands On Me 10
Bad Medicine 10
Born To Be My Baby 10
Living In Sin 10
Blood On Blood 10
Homebound Train 9
Wild Is The Wind 10
Ride Cowboy Ride 10
stick to your guns 10
I'll Be There For You 10
99 In The Shade 9.5
Love For Sale 8

I Believe 10
Keep The Faith 10
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 7
In These Arms 10
Bed Of Roses 5
If I Was Your Mother 10
Dry County 10
Woman In Love 0
Fear 8
I Want You 0
Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll 0
Little Bit Of Soul 9
Save a prayer 9

Hey God 9
Something for the Pain 3
This Ain't a Love Song 7
These Days 9
Lie to Me 2
Damned 9
My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms 9
(It's Hard) Letting You Go 5
Hearts Breaking Even 9
Something to Believe In 8
If That's What It Takes 7
Diamond Ring 0
All I Want Is Everything 5
Bitter Wine 5

It's My Life 8
Say It Isn't So 2
Thank You for Loving Me 0
Two Story Town 5
Next 100 Years 9
Just Older 0
Mystery Train 7
Save the World 7
Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars 0
She's a Mystery 0
I Got the Girl 8
One Wild Night 8
I Could Make a Living Out of Lovin' You 7
Neurotica 7

Undivided 8
Everyday 7
The Distance 9
Joey 5
Misunderstood 5
All About Lovin' You 0
Hook Me Up 8
Right Side of Wrong 4
Love Me Back to Life 8
You Had Me From Hello 4
Bounce 9
Open All Night 6
No Regrets 0
Postcards From the Wasteland 4

Have a Nice Day 8
I Want to Be Loved 4
Welcome to Wherever You Are 1
Who Says You Can't Go Home -10 I hate this song !!!
Last Man Standing 7
Bells of Freedom 1
Wildflower 1
Last Cigarette 1
I Am 7
Complicated 7
Novocaine 7
Story of My Life 6
Dirty Little Secret 10
Unbreakable 10
These Open Arms 6

Lost Highway 7
Summertime 3
(You Want to) Make a Memory 9
Whole Lot of Leavin' 7
We Got It Going On 9
Any Other Day 10
Seat Next to You 3
Everybody's Broken 3
Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore 1
The Last Night 4
One Step Closer 4
I Love This Town 1
Lonely 5
Walk Like a Man 9
Put the Boy Back in Cowboy 10
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Old 07-15-2008, 01:41 PM
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I listened to the new Crue album the other day....and it just reminded me how good Dr.Feelgood was.

I personally dont think BJ should try and recapture the magic of SWW / NJ / KTF. Because, lets face it, you cant capture lightning in a bottle. To me, BJ will probabaly never hit the heights of Prayer, Wanted, Bad Medcine, KTF, Dry county, etc.

Those 3 albums were BJ at thier best, and 3 of the few albums I can listen to without skipping any tracks. And mostly when you try and recapture that magic you always end up disspointing.... New Indy move, Rambo, new eagles album, Phantom ****ing menace...

I'm happy to go on whatever musical direction BJ want to go on...I think Lost Highway is good album, its probabaly had more airplay in my car then Bounce or HAND

Anyway, if you dont like the new stuff, you can always chuck in one of the older albums...
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