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Originally Posted by Hippie2012 View Post
Hi All

This is my first post. What do you think of a new BonJovi Album / tour featuring some of the forgotten 80s rock songs. Would you like the band to bring that hair back, the split kicks and running with th microphone stands.
Would you like the band to cut down on the 'pop' sounds and bring in a harder sound or even try Metal. How about a drycounty2 solo from Sambo and a rocking instrumental track in the new album.

check this dream compilation album

wht do you think of the songs?
would it make a good Rock album / tour ?
what are your thoughts on the Instrumental track -Jersey rock Fever ?
What do you think of the names Jersey Rock Fever and 'If this aint rock, thn what is?'

Looking for your responses. You can post comments on the blog as well
You're asking a few different questions here. I think a lot of people would like to hear a harder rock sound and a cut down on the 'pop' elements. I think a lot less would like to hear metal from the band and would anyone really want the hair and split kicks back? The guys are in their 50s, it'd be ridiculous.
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