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Originally Posted by kleman View Post
All true what you guys wrote...... But BJ shows in Europe (2019) were still damm fine. Show in Austria (Klagenfurt) is on my top 3 list and i saw many shows in Europe from 2003 on.
Some shows (Nijmegen, Dublin night #2, Wembley, Düsseldorf, Warsaw, Klagenfurt) were pretty good for today's standards, I gotta agree. That said, in hindsight I saw one of the less stellar shows (Tallinn) in person and, being drunk, absolutely loved it then, but watching videos from it made me question if the filmers had seen the same gig as I did... Jon sounded really, really bad. Shows like Stockholm, Sonderborg, Coventry, Madrid, Zürich, Werchter, Vienna, Bucharest or Tel Aviv weren't exactly impressive, either, so it still was an extremely mixed bag and there was a much bigger chance of the audience getting a below-par show in comparison to a good one. Consider yourself lucky

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