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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
One of my all time favourites. This version of IBTFY pretty much blows anything out of the water!

Bon Jovi | Live at The Spectrum | Pro Shot | Philadelphia 1989 - YouTube

01. Intro [0:00]
02. Lay Your Hands On Me [1:23]
03. I'd Die For You [5:45]
04. Wild In The Streets [10:20]
05. You Give Love A Bad Name [15:59]
06. Tokyo Road [19:29]
07. Born To Be My Baby [27:54]
08. Pink Flamingos [33:39]
09. Let It Rock [36:31]
10. I'll Be There For You [43:40]
11. Blood On Blood [53:05]
12. Runaway [1:03:06]
13. Livin' On A Prayer [1:07:59]

Encore 1:
14. Living In Sin [1:16:42]
15. All Right Now (with Skid Row) [1:26:41]

Encore 2:
16. Ride Cowboy Ride [1:33:44]
17. Acoustic Guitar Solo [1:36:25]
18. Wanted Dead Or Alive [1:40:31]
19. Bad Medicine [1:46:49]
~ Shout [1:53:51]

Encore 3:
20. Never Say Goodbye (acoustic) [1:55:57]
Thank you, I feel I wanna share what I wrote you about this show

This is an extra special show to me. It was the very first video bootleg I've ever seen. Plus it was on the same day I met some of my friends for life. It was back in 2005. Crap 15 years. It was at a Czech and Slovak Bon Jovi fans meeting which we then held for some eight years.
This show and that moment definitely defined my total love for the Jersey tour and the album (the other was watching the Jersey Videos over a summer with a girl I kinda liked back then )
There's always a special emotion I'm feeling when I am listening to or watching the show.
"If you got a dream, no matter what anybody tells you, if you think that you’ve got to go for it, then you should go for it, because you’ve got one life. And the next time somebody tells you: ‘You can’t do that’ you can tell them to screw themselves, because it’s your life and you do what the hell you want with it. So this is a song about having a dream and chasing it, till you find the Bright Lights." - Aldo Nova.
Aldo Nova - Bright Lights
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