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I should be wrapping presents, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm playing on YouTube instead. The videos just keep coming from the Hope Concert last night, so I was inspired to make a YT Guide. Many thanks to Alana for finding and posting a blurb from a Bruce board that included the set list. This is from the beginning of Southside Johnny's portion of the show to the end.

You Don’t Know Like I Know – SSJ

Down, Down, Down – SSJ
nothing yet

I Don’t Want To Go Home – SSJ
nothing yet

This Time It’s For Real – SSJ & JBJ

Lost Highway – JBJ

Blue Christmas – JBJ

Who Says You Can’t Go Home – JBJ
(revised link)

Run, Run Rudolph – JBJ & BS
(partial - new link)

Merry Christmas Baby – BS
(revised link)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – BS & SSJ
(revised link)

634-5789 – BS

10th Avenue Freeze-Out – BS & JBJ

We’re Having A Party – SSJ, BS & Gary U.S. Bonds

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