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Originally Posted by RS8MB0R8 View Post
I'll just add that trying to start a topic based on pure speculation to have yet another dig at Richie's questionable character is going a tad overboard, much like the 'dissection' of his remarks in the interview being discussed in the other thread.
I didn't have an agenda, I just wanted to point out what Paul wrote. Others in this thread do seem to have a chip on their shoulders, though. I'm not trying to have a dig at Richie, I like the guy. I'm just saying that he may have been trying to make him look better in this situation. There's no reason for Paul to lie, and every reason for Richie to make it seem like HE was the one who turned the gig down. I'm not saying Richie's lying, but he was a nobody at that point, and I'm sure he would've joined KISS if they'd asked him. But they didn't.

And having another opinion from someone who was ACTUALLY THERE, is hardly speculation.

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