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Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
I'm sure that they will find replacements for both Gene and Paul in the near future.
Im sure they will try, but once Paul and Gene leave then KISS is over.

As already stated I reckon Richie would have been a good fit for KISS but the planets just didnt line up.I would really have no idea how Paul and Gene tossed him away and went with bumblebee Vincent instead.His live performances were just embarrassing,luckily when recording an album P&G could control his output.In the end Richie got a much better gig with Jovi than limping through the late 80s with KISS.

As for Paul's book,its a decent read but there are a couple of low blows which were uncalled for. Paul is no different than any of the other KISS members,he only writes about things he wants you to know.He attaches blame to everyone and yet fails to mention misjudgements on his part.
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