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Can everyone please re-read and ensure you are clear on the above.

It is very tiresome to log on to the forum in the morning and see a whole bunch of nonsense and insults. These will be deleted or moved going forwards.

Rudeness/disrespecting or just general insulting will lead to a ban. RDKopper, this means you, some of your posts are unacceptable - any further of these will lead to a ban.

Yovannafromperu- We may be too old for your scattergun posting style, but you have been asked many times by mods and other members to not just clog up threads with nonsense. Take these to PM or the Non-Bon Jovi thread so the rest of us don't have to scroll through pages of this stuff. Again, if this is ignored it may result in a temporary ban.

Everyone else - it's coming up to Christmas, try and be nice to each other.

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