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Default Rate: Say It Isn't So

Agree Seb.

My mate owned a CD shop at the time and got to listen to Crush a few days before it came out.
When he told me he had it I asked whatís it like as itís my life was a decent start.
He said track 2 (pop song ) and 3 (awful ballad with rehashed lyrics ) are really poor.
He is a causal Jovi fan and he noticed the change saying a lot of the songs either have no solos or very short solos. But he did love Next 100 years...

So back to Say it isnít so....really odd song. I like parts of it but dont like the chorus. Youíre right in that the verses donít link and make no sense. No guitar solo is odd (well was at the time) and itís a real poor track to follow something like IML.

You know something , I feel the same about Something for the pain on These days. Same pattern - great opener, bland song 2nd and a ballad but TAALS is 100x better than TYFLM (which also has hardly any solo).

Iíve always said crush was the start of inconsistent albums from the band. Half of this was left over from DA and it shows.

Could never get on with Say it isnít so, capt crash, sheís a mystery, all about lovin...was the first time they had released an album where I didnít like more than 1.

So Say it isnt so gets a 4/10

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