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Originally Posted by bonboy25 View Post
Hi guys, dunno if anyone is interested, but I'm keen to come up with a "JoviTalk" version of Limitless. I'm using the studio instrumental, but need a guitarist to shred a wicked solo for me. Need to have a DAW of some kind to get a proper sound. Potentially looking for some vocalists to cover it too. I have a demo of the layout if anyone is interested.

For those wondering, I got rid (of most) of the twangy guitar parts and replaced it with (potenitally) catchier riff. And I got rid of that god awful bridge (vocally) The problem is I'm not very good at guitar, be great to have a proper guitarist!

Comment bellow if you're interested!
Sure, Guitar player here. I've never managed to get myself to listen to even 2 seconds of Post Richie stuff but I guess one doesn't necessarily have to [for this], just lemme know the time stamp where you want the solo, once you send over the music file [email:].
Lemme know if you think it'll work! Here's some of YouTube links to BJ covers]:


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