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Default Realistically speaking, which Bounce song should have been on the Greatest Hits album

I say Misunderstood. Jon seems to like it, it was a single, they played it live (even acoustically during promo appearances) and it is a good song. Everyday was tailored to be a hit, sure, but it wasn't one, and All About Loving You... while it's okay, it has super dated production and they've got many better ballads (which would have been apparent on a greatest hits set).

I mean, yes, none of these songs were as big as It's My Life or Prayer, but neither was friggin When We Were Beautiful, and that one made the record. I guess Bounce was the first time the band did not sell a ton and thus have come to associate the record with unpleasant memories?

Of course, Undivided should have been a single and on a greatest hits album, too, but since it wasn't really (promo stuff maybe, but eh), it rightfully was not. Too bad.
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