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Originally Posted by Alphavictim View Post
I say Misunderstood. Jon seems to like it, it was a single, they played it live (even acoustically during promo appearances) and it is a good song. Everyday was tailored to be a hit, sure, but it wasn't one, and All About Loving You... while it's okay, it has super dated production and they've got many better ballads (which would have been apparent on a greatest hits set).

I mean, yes, none of these songs were as big as It's My Life or Prayer, but neither was friggin When We Were Beautiful, and that one made the record. I guess Bounce was the first time the band did not sell a ton and thus have come to associate the record with unpleasant memories?

Of course, Undivided should have been a single and on a greatest hits album, too, but since it wasn't really (promo stuff maybe, but eh), it rightfully was not. Too bad.
Everyday and One Wild Night should have been in the big hits. Something for The Pain should also have been included, it was even played on the acoustic set at each 2010 show.
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