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Aloha !

Everyday should've been on the Greatest Hits record. It was a big hit, was broadcast on MTV and VH1 quite often and the promo for the Bounce record was huge. I'd say the reason it's not on there is considering how much promo the band did there was little in return. Ticket sales were slow and the album got lukewarm reviews compared to Crush. The fourth single, Bounce, was cancelled after All About Lovin' You was pushed to May instead. Originally, All About Lovin' You was supposed to be released with Christmas and Bounce was supposed to be released in March to give ticket sales an extra push.

Originally Posted by Alphavictim View Post
I say Misunderstood ... it is a good song.
Eh? Really?

I thought Misunderstood was, after Say It Isn't So, the worst single they'd ever released. Back then every die hard on this board hated it and despised it making the live shows. I also remember the song going over really well in Germany yet going over like a lead balloon in Hyde Park a month later. Yet everyone knew the words to Undivided. Oh well.

Salaam Aleikum,

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