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Originally Posted by YOVANAfromPeru View Post
And about Richie, I felt that in this interview Jon talks more about "his... issues" in the past, unlike the other interview where it sounded more like he was talking about Richie in the present... Thing is that Richie said, very recently: "every thing is cool, give me a call, everything is alright! you know.
And don't think I'm not doing well, because you know I'm very well."
These guys are weird, this case is getting more and more like a Halloween murder mystery.
I was waiting to see how his spiel would change after Richie's interview; and I agree he made it sound more like Richie's "issues" and "the uncertainty of his sobering up" was in the past, not an ongoing issue. Maybe he just needed a reminder.
But he must have missed the part about the home situation being the reason Richie left; because he still seems determined to convince people it was alcohol, without saying that point-blank. I guess he wants to leave some wiggle-room, in case Richie has to do another interview to remind him (again!) that drugs/alcohol had nothing to do with it. If he does, maybe it will also remind Jon that, in 2013, even he seemed to have no trouble saying, point-blank, that the issue wasn't alcohol.

Of course, things change and memories blur. Like, in this interview, he said a lot about the luxury of having a strong wife to make sure everything stayed on track at home while he was away; and how it's appreciated because "if you have a war in your head and a war at home, you're gonna have a hard time winning it." So I guess he also forgot that, in 2016, he said that he led the charge in balancing family with the crazy touring, but neglected to mention Dorothea's role in making sure "the wheels didn't come off the bus" at home. He just attributed it to the fact that BJ weren't the journeymen they had once been; then added, "so that's (i.e., being home for Ava) really not a great excuse."
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