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Originally Posted by JackieBlue View Post
Thanks for pointing that out. I heard him say that during the intro but because of Beautiful Drug and Do What You Can, and, mostly, Jon's shift from present tense to past tense about Richie's issues, I figured Nihal must have been referring to an earlier interview done in February; or that the original interview had been updated.

But I listened to it again and you're right; theres nothing in the comments to indicate that it isn't the original, so Jon wouldn't have known about the Richie interview. The snark was out of line, and I apologize. Thanks for keeping me honest!

The other points still stand, though. He didn't necessarily have to hear Richie's latest interview to know about any issues that may (or may not) have surrounded Ava in 2013, or to know that in 2013 he and Richie both denied alcohol was the reason, or to have said in 2016 that Ava wasn't really a good excuse simply because the tours weren't as long as they had been in the past.

So as strange as the timing is, with this interview being posted days after Megyn calling him out and Richie's interview, I guess I'm still waiting to see if Jon will revise his statements. I'm actually kinda glad in a way; maybe next time he'll drop the alcohol reference altogether or, better yet, just stop bringing Richie into it at all, and move on.
I think this interview showed what a big effect it had on him mentally as much as anything so I think hes within his rights to bring it up occasionally- not as a reason to slag Richie off but to explain certain things.
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