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Originally Posted by Krycek
I actually pulled this one out last week for the first time in about 2 years and I hated it as much I remembered.

Man, it's dreadful IMO. It's so weak, musically and lyrically. Jon's vocals are pretty horrid and there's just a distinct lack of real creativeness, all the songs sound very similar. I just really don't like it. Not one song I'd rate over 5/10.


but then you say Have A Nice Day is 'back and better than ever' so I guess you must have serious ear-problems.

IMO this album is way better than the debut and I still consider it the most under-rated hard rock album of the 80s. Man, this record is energy pure, still it has such a dark feel. And the title, best title BJ had for any record.
7800 is a gret guitar-drum-vocals combination. Ok, the lyrics are not the best but the songs have enaugh power to make this unimportant.
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