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Originally Posted by Faceman View Post
Hypothetically you're right.
BUT...who's gonna pay Richie 2 million (or another fcuking big amount of money) to get back on stage? The ticket sales weren't radical worse without him. And with him they won't be able to sell radical more tickets for a big stadium tour either. We die-hards are the only ones who care about the guitarist.
So I don't see why anybody should invest big money into a guitarist, who is way out of his prime and left a muli-million-dollar business in the middle of a tour --> unreliable
You may be right about the ticket issue, but we can't say that for sure about Europe just yet because we haven't had the situation here before.
And if you market it as the "big reunion", you have a different vehicle to build upon that "just" another album that the public doesn't really notice anymore.

And I simply want his return because I miss the spirit that once made me a fan. Even with a washed-up guitarist and a singer with a ****ed-up voice, I still hope to see the occasional flashes of brilliance again. Plus Jon needs his side-kick on stage and IF it's ever gonna happen, that'll be the reason why Richie would be able to rejoin.
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