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Originally Posted by Faceman View Post
It would be great if he comes back but I don't see it.
He pissed everybody off when he left mid-tour and now after he dumped Ori (or has been dumped, who knows) he comes back like nothing happened? Naah, that's not gonna happen.

And besides that I don't think that Richie wants to get back in. The HoF induction would have been his chance to spread some words to apply back for his old job. But if I remember correctly he denied all questions related to that topic.
When asked, Jon said something like, "I think Richie's working on another project right now, so you'll have to ask him" and Richie nodded back towards Jon and said, "if he asks me". (Not like, "he'll have to beg me"; more like "if he wants me to".) So, basically, they both evaded.
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