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Originally Posted by Xavi View Post
Groundhog day again...
Why should Jon call Richie?
Why Richie says on that interview video that Jon could call him?
Doesnt have Richie a phone to call himself Jon?
Its Jon who has to....yeah,sure
Maybe because Jon doesn't want to count on him for the new albums or whatever. If Jon is going to make an album, he is the one who calls the band or songwriters to work with him. Richie seems to be saying that if Jon has something planned in a few years, Richie would be open to a possible colaboration/reunion, be it to compose, record or go on tour as long as there is an agreement on both sides.

I'm just saying, it would be nice to build the bridge of friendship and professionalism with a 40th anniversary release with Sambora on the boat, and then who knows, maybe a new album with Richie's return. So you both have time now to dedicate yourself to your recent albums.
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