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Originally Posted by Thinny View Post
You're missing the point. Jon says he hasn't spoken to Richie in 2.5 years and then says he still doesn't have his life together. Richie is basically saying, if you want to know if I've got my life together them give me a call, it's all good with me.

Also, how do we know that Richie hasn't tried to call Jon?
I havent spoken to Richie in my life and just seeing his public appearances and interviews during his RSO years is enough to say that Richie is/was not in his best shape.
Richie left the band hours before a show,it is the worst thing a musician can do to his band mates.
So I understand Jon point.
Richie is the one who should call all the band members and apologize for leaving them in the lurch.
But,as you finish your post,how do we know Richie hasnt do that?
Or how do we know if Jon call Richie after the WAN tour ended to know how he was?
We dont know anything.
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