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Here's how a certain fake user had tried to trick fans into misleading this back in 2012. Seems all too similar:

New Jersey Recording Sessions
Quality = 9 (Better than the NJ/KTF Outtakes, without noise)
Basically these were recorded after the outtakes sessions, and sure, before 1988, when New Jersey was just a crazy idea from the band... you might be wondering what's all about
Well, there's songs that lasts around 3 minutes until 13 minutes... Pretty rare with a extremely nice quality, so now.
What about the high price? Well, considering the shipping cost and the value of this "ultra-rare" masterpiece, which you wouldn't find on E-Bay or other systems.
What about me? Well I took out the rare stuff on DVD. Like Wembley stadium # 1. They said it was an engineer from the Bon Jovi stuff, but. It wasn't hahaha. Pretty nice
How did I get that stuff? Easy, spending a lot of money... even more than 13.000 dollars just on bon jovi stuff.

Tape 1 (Ft. Alice Cooper)
A side (Having a fun time with Alice)
1. House of fire (take 1, Bon Jovi's Version)
2. Jon talks
3. The Ballad of Alice Cooper (Full length version)
4. House of fire (Take 2, Duet with Alice Cooper)
Total Running time 44 minutes

B Side (Starting with the Jersey Project)
1. House of Fire (Bon Jovi's Final Version)
2. Does Anybody really fall in love anymore (Richie's Version)*
3. Lay Your Hands On Me (Drums Concept)
4. Lay Your Hands On Me (Vocal taste)
5. Lay your hands on me (Band's taste)
Total Running Time 43 Minutes
*= Vocals leader

Tape 2 (New Jersey's Session)
A Side: (That sounds like rock!)
1. Let's Make it baby*
2. In America
3. Trash (Bon Jovi's Concept)
4. Pretty shitty girl (Richie's Version)
5. Jon & Richie Talk
6. Does Anybody really fall in love anymore*
*= Rock version, almost Hard Rock
Total Running time 43 minutes
B Side (Extended Version)
1. Living In Sin (Take 1)
2. Living In Sin (Take 2)
3. Too Much, Too Soon*
4. 7 Days
5. Living in Sin ("Final" Take)
*= Different Lyrics
Total Running time = 44 Minutes

Tape 3 (Richie Sings Along)
A Side (Known Songs)
1. I'll be there for you (Pretty Awesome Version)*
2. Backdoor to Heaven (Take 1)
3. Backdoor to Heaven (Take 2)
4. Homebound train (Take 1)*
5. Homebound Train (Take 2)*
6. Hell is living without you*
7. Richie's Guitar Solo
*= Different lyrics & Rhythm
Total Running Time = 45 minutes
B Side (Richie Got Blues)
1. Midnight Pain
2. Diamond Ring*
3. Still Blues (I Think that's the name of the song)
4. Improved Blues
*=Blues Version
Total Running time = 35 Minutes

Tape 4 (New Jersey Taste)
A Side (Early Versions)
1. Let's Make it Baby (Rock Version)
2. House of Fire
3. Judgment Day
4. 7 Days
5. Rosie (Take 1)
6. Stick to Your Guns
7. Rocking Style
8. Backdoor to Heaven (Jon on vocals)
9. I'll be There For You (Richie on Vocals)
10. Cadillac Man (Take 1)
11. Diamond Ring (Early Rock Version)
Total Running time = 45 min
B Side (Early Version 2)
1. Love Is War*
2. Rosie (Take 2)*
3. Cadillac Man (Take 2)*
*= Really long takes
Total Running time 36 min

Tape 5 (Sounds like new Album)
1. Let's make it*
2. Fighter for Love*
3. Bad Medicine*
4. Stick to your guns*
Not too much, but pretty awesome!!
Recorded on '87
*= Acoustic versions, just with the verse of the songs, not chorus
Total Running time 12 minutes

Young Guns II

A Side (Acoustic Try) 1988-1989

1. Santa Fe
2. Young Gun (BOG)*
3. Wild horses
4. Wanted dead or alive*
5. Never Say Die
6. Blood Money*
7. Justice in the Barrel
Total Running time = 35 minutes
*= Alternated lyrics

B Side (Electric Try) 1989 -- 1990
1. Bang a Drum
2. Young Gun (BOG)
3. Miracle
4. Never Say Die (Heavy Version)
5. Run into the night
6. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' (Rock Version)
7. Shogun
Total Running time = 40 minutes

7800 Fahrenheit 1985
A Side
1. The Price of Love
2. Prison break
3. Heat of the Night
4. Only Lonely
5. Secret Dreams (Take 1)
6. We Rule the Night
7. Edge of Metal
8. King of the mountain
Total Running time = 43 minutes
B Side
1. Secret Dreams (Take 2)
2. Broken Hearted
3. Twisted & Involved
4. Silent Night (Take 1)
5. Silent Night (Take 2)
6. Tokyo Road
7. Hear 'em Cry
8. Better watch out
Total Running time 39 minutes
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