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Old 01-31-2024, 04:58 AM
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Originally Posted by powernoize View Post
And this group has all the old Kerrang! magazines in pdf as well as some other mags. Great stuff

"There's a line: 'Jimmy Shoes busted both his legs'. That's Jimmy lovine (president of Interscope Records). That's his old nickname, so I made him the guy in the song - and I knew 1 had to to do something fun with him, like break his legs! "There's another line: 'The stars ain't outta reach but these days there ain 't no ladder on the streets' In essence, it's telling everyone that it's there to be had but it ain't easy. Nobody's gonna help you do anything, man, so forget all the excuses like, There's no ozone layer, there's no future, I can't get a job..'


I've spent 29 years of my life trying to figure out what they meant with "the stars ain't out of reach" and "there ain't a ladder on the streets". I'm pretty happy with the meaning even though the meaning of the song has changed through the years.

Well done, little buddy.
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