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Originally Posted by jungleland View Post
YUp - There were some bad "Hair Metal " Bands b4 Nivana destroyed the music scene. But even the best Grunge bands were far worse than the best Hair metal bands when it comes to musical skills. I still rate Nirvana as garbage!
I don't think they're absolute shit. There are definately far worse bands out there, but I do see your point. I think muscially like you say a lot of the hair metal bands are more talented than perhaps Nivana were, purley on an instrumental point of view. I guess a lot of people liked the Nirvana stuff because it was something different and it provided a change to what was around at the time. I have to admit I do like the dark mysterious aura that they give off as a band, but I do think they're overated. I don't dislike Nirvana but I certainly rate Bon Jovi's 90s albums a lot higher than anything they released.

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