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Singer Commenting on Jon's Vocals - Ask me anything

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Old 05-02-2022, 10:32 AM
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Default Singer Commenting on Jon's Vocals - Ask me anything

So we all know Jon's vocals have been on a decline since the 90s, with a very dramatic deterioration over the past 10 years.

This House tour and the tour that just concluded, Jon seems as if he is in pain hitting the notes, and like it's a real struggle to hit notes, that are even in his mid register.

Myself, I've been singing for around 12 years, no professional help and (obviously) bad technique, with Jon being my main inspiration. I'm not looking for instructions on how to form better techniques or anything, but more trying to share my experiences with singing for a while with poor techniques. I'm also a little over a 3rd of his age. I've found I seem to have similar vocal issues to Jon, although my tone is absolutely fine, just power and breathing issues.

I can sing the belt notes like Jon does in Keep the Faith (before the solo), In These Arms etc, but only for a short time. So songs like If I Was Your Mother absolutely murder me, so they are untouchable for myself. Not so much the whistle/falsetto notes, but the mighty chesty head voice vocals that we absolutely love from Jon.

I struggle to sing songs from the new album, which certainly isn't in the same kind of register. For me, it's right on a transition between my different voices and that's what causes the issue.

Jon's timing issues could be a similar issue I also have. When I'm singing along with HAND for example, I can get out the raspy power vocals he does for the first verse and chorus, but after that, I really struggle with being able to find the strength to be able to get the breath to keep up with a fast pace song like that. It is like your throat has reduced in diameter and your vocal folds are severely restricted. Give me a guitar solo to rest up and get some liquid in my throat and I'm good again, but with less staminer.

I hope this makes some sense to you guys. But as the title says, ask me anything questions.
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