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Old 01-30-2021, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Rdkopper View Post
Great Tune and fits perfect. I think anyone who grew up during that time will understand this next statement.

At a time when people listened to albums all the way through, Social Disease was the song between Prayer and Wanted. It's a staple song on that album especially because of the intro. Back then you didn't listen track by track. You listened from start to finish.

Everyone back then also knows that when you flipped over that tape and the guitar intro to Raise Your Hand takes off, it's the continuum of an epic journey.

Replacing Social Disease is like fixing mistakes in the original Star Wars movie.

It's the bridge between Prayer and Wanted... putting anything else in that spot just wouldn't work.

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Great post. Agreed 100%.

I was about to comment on this thread but this post perfectly sums up how I see this.

It all comes down to continuity and the overall flow of the album. On Slippery, Social Disease merely works as a bridge between two of the greatest tracks of the 80ís. Itís a solid album track even if it lacks hit potential. Itís still fun and catchy.

It sort of reminds me of Homebound Train. It was never meant to be a defining song for the band, yet it serves itís purpose very well indeed.

Back in the days, youíd listen to the whole album, not just the hits. Even today, every time I hear the final choruses of Prayer, I expect to hear the intro of Social Disease in just a few seconds.

That said, I admit Iíd love to hear Aerosmithís rendition of it. Iím convinced it would have been an outstanding Aerosmith track.

I used to love Borderline back then, yet I think itís a bit dated... It hasnít aged that well I guess. It never was in the same league as Bad Name or Prayer or Wanted. It would better fit on an earlier album. I guess it represents the kind of Bon Jovi there would have been without Desmond Child.

I love Edge of A Broken Heart, too, but I canít see a spot for it on the album, either. If I remember correctly, wasnít it the first track ever written by JB/RS/DC? Even the guitar riff sort or reminds me of Bad Name.

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social disease

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