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The three you mentioned are definitely in the top tier. Dresden was a big surprise since shows in Eastern Germany always got the "play the set and get out of here" treatment, but the band was up for it that night! Even though ticket sales had been moderate at best.

A few others I'd add (no particular order).
Buenos Aires 2010: Great crowd, great band, great setlist
Mannheim 2011: The audience recording doesn't really give the vibe away. There just was something in the air that night, the band's vibe to really deliver and the crowd that were in a big party mood. It's also the show where the Wanted performance really stuck in my memory (and it usually doesn't).
Lisbon 2011: Jon's vocals were quite straining there, but the effort to really deliver for the final night was there. Great set of rarities and, for me, the second-best tour finish they've done after Helsinki 1996.
MSG Night 3 2011: The famous show with the blackout and the band firing on all cylinders to make up for it. Had the first half been rather standard, the second half was anything but that!
Vienna 2011: Great energy, great setlist, stunning second encore!

There's a whole lot more of shows that I'd rate very good, but not quite up there for one reason or another like Udine 2011, Mohegan Sun 2010, New Meadowlands Stadium Night 2 and 3 in 2010, O2 Arena Night 7 2010, Toronto Night 2 2010, Barcelona 2011 or Sao Paulo 2010. All really nice shows where we'd flip if we got something like that today! Just listing these shows that the band were really living their Indian summer in those 2 years! What a time it has been!
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