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Originally Posted by liljovi93 View Post
Honestly, I do think Hyde Park 2010 gets overlooked. I think Jon was on really good form that night. I went to the Manchester show the night before and the two shows are like night and day. Manchester was ok but very safe and the weather was awful. Hyde Park just had something special (I didn't go) from listening to it live on the stream that day to listening to it now.

That version of Living On A Prayer I listen too a lot!

Jon staying on for a long time and reportedly having to be carried off backstage because he genuinely didn't stop moving.

Dublin night 2 2011 as well is a show I watch a fair bit.

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Hard Rock Calling was Hyde Park. Listed by the OP and I agreed with it as well
So not overlooked. I was stunned when listening to the live broadcast back then!
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