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Montreal 2010, night #2 - great setlist, Jon on fire, astonishing vocals throughout, one of the best BOR and Always performances since god knows when, immense Saturday Night, very long show

Philadelphia 2010, night #2 - the whole band just rockin' out like real mofos all the way through the show, awesome medley of Bad Medicine/Bad Case Of Loving You/Shout, again great version of BOR, Only Lonely opening the encore

Sao Paulo 2010 - not as epic setlist as in Buenos Aires three days earlier, but still great + insane energy and fantastic vocals, AMAZING crowd

Sydney 2010, night #3 - a setlist so stunning and rarity-filled it's crazy, overall Jon's best show vocally since probably Bremen 2000, dynamite performances of STBI, Saturday Night, KTF, Dry County and These Days

MSG 2011, night #2 - even though the band really fired up on all cylinders from HAND onwards during night #3 after the mixing board incident had been solved, I've always preferred this one overall; not a single bit of autopilot in sight at any point even though roughly the first third of the setlist was quite predictable, amazing energy, Jon working the crowd like a mad man, again magnificent vocals, one of the very few times I think ILTT actually fit the encore and felt genuine, epic back-to-back performances of Always and These Days, Jon obviously not wanting to leave the stage at all hence the extra long 2nd encore

Philadelphia 2011 - Jon's birthday show, energy totally out of control, whole band on absolute fire, truly stunning performances of several songs, IMO best US show in a very long time even with basically no rarities performed; a prime example of how you don't need to have a particularly epic setlist to perform an absolutely kick-ass show

Hard Rock Calling 2011 - plain and simply an epic show in every way, no need to really add anything that hasn't been said

Mannheim 2011 - after the snooze-fests that were Düsseldorf and Zürich, a more-than-welcome return to the form of the best live band out there; stunning show, several rarities sprinkled throughout the set and a kick-ass performance of Hey God opening the encore

Vienna 2011 - again insane energy, whole band really playing for their supper throughout the night, THE essential '11 performances of Saturday Night and Blood On Blood, greatest 2nd encore imaginable

Barcelona 2011 - although Jon's vocals were not quite as strong as in many other shows that year (still very good for the most part though), both the energy and setlist were just unbelievable, not forgetting to mention an epic crowd and the atmosphere of the whole band being, to quote Jon, "on one of those kind of moods" that night

San Sebastian 2011 - criminally underrated show, Jon's vocals at full force again, an amazing energy and setlist (even though Bobby's solo alone killed Wild In The Streets early on to the show), the highly anticipated return of This Ain't A Love Song and an epic These Days with Romeo And Juliet by Dire Straits as an introduction

Lisbon 2011 - the last truly epic show of this band, a bit knackered but overall still very impressive vocals by Jon, absolutely stunning performances of I Believe and TAALS (just to name a few), insane energy and passion, truly a show worth its legendary reputation

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