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Originally Posted by BJFan99 View Post
San Sebastian 2011 - criminally underrated show, Jon's vocals at full force again, an amazing energy and setlist (even though Bobby's solo alone killed Wild In The Streets early on to the show), the highly anticipated return of This Ain't A Love Song and an epic These Days with Romeo And Juliet by Dire Straits as an introduction
Agree 100%
The most underrated show from the 2010-11 tour.
It was the best set list Ive ever seen on a Jovi show.
Everybody had the feeling that anything could be possible that night.
Its an overrated show because the majority of the people who follows the band,went straight from Barcelona to Lisbon.
Only locals and a very few foreign people were at that show.
I was in Dresden,in Barcelona and in Lisbon,that were mentioned here,and San Sebastian was miles better than those shows
The only thing is that there were not people that "make noise" about that show.
If that show had been in an other country,and I dont want to say which one,it would be legendary.
Shows like Udine or London 11 are very overrated.
San Sebastian was,to me,the best show of the european 11 tour.
Cmon check that setlist!!!
1- Raise Your Hands
2-You Give Love a Bad Name
3-Wild in the Streets
4-Born to Be My Baby
5-We Weren't Born to Follow
6-It's My Life
7-In These Arms
8-I'd Die for You
10-Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
11-Bad Medicine
(with “Hot Legs” and “Old Time Rock & Roll”)
12-When We Were Beautiful
13-Living in Sin
(with “Chapel Of Love”)
14-I'll Be There for You
15-Who Says You Can't Go Home
16-Thorn in My Side
17-Wild Is the Wind
18-Have a Nice Day
19-Keep the Faith

20-This Ain't a Love Song
21-Wanted Dead or Alive
22-Livin' on a Prayer

Encore 2:
23-These Days
24-Romeo and Juliet
(Dire Straits cover)

Encore 3:
26-I Love This Town
27-Twist and Shout
MADRID-22/5/2003 / MILTON KEYNES-10 & 11/6/2006 / LONDON-24/6/2007 / STUTTGART-29/5/2008 / BARCELONA-1/6/2008 / LONDON-27 & 28/6/2008 / NEW JERSEY-26 & 27/5/2010 / MADRID-4/6/2010 / PARIS-16/6/2010 / MADRID-6/11/2010 / DRESDEN-10/6/2011 / MUNICH-12/6/2011 / ZEEBRUGGE-24/7/2011 / BARCELONA-27/7/2011 / SAN SEBASTIAN-29/7/2011 / LISBON-31/7/2011 / RICHIE SAMBORA-LONDON-16/10/12 / BERLIN-18/6/13 / KOLN-22/6/13 / MADRID-27/6/13 / MILANO-29/6/13 / LIVERPOOL-19/6/19 / LONDON-21/6/19 / MADRID-7/7/19

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