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Originally Posted by Xavi View Post
Yeah I agree that ending those shows with love this town/ twist and shout was shit haha
I have always thought that Hyde Park was very similar to Munich show.
I was at Munich and the show never worked well that 2011
Dresden,was miles better,was an amazing show.
But San Sebastian was better than Lisbon,even Barcelona was better than Lisbon.
Anyway,that final 3 shows were the best fro the tour.
We didnt know at the time,but it was the last time we were seeing Bon Jovi like the best live band on the planet.
I was in Munich as well and enjoyed Hyde Park a lot more by just listening on the radio. But I agree with the ending of the tour. Little did we know we were actually waving goodbye to the great live band for good.
But that 2011 European leg was so good. Jon's voice was better in mid-2010, but the setlists (bar two off shows) were exciting for most parts and the band was ready to just try the songs and go for them.
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