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Originally Posted by symbeline View Post
Mmmm no. I appreciate your enthusiasm (if you are not being sarcastic) and I do agree with some of your points, but no, just no. The recipe to having a band in 2017 that resembles the old BJ (give or take a co-writer, co-producer, co-responsible of delivering a great show, co-singer, and founding member) is super easy and it doesnít have anything to do with Jonís voice.

The shows were always fun. The last time I saw them (Iím almost afraid to say it was in 2008, Iím almost 10 years behind, not sure if I can call myself ďa dedicated fanĒ) I was absolutely aware that Jon had trouble with some songs and his voice was weak in some parts. Being there with 50.000+ screaming fans and having a blast wasnít incompatible with having perfectly working ears. But I didnít care, it was a fun show. The band used to have fun on stage and the fans enjoyed that above the perfect rendition of their favorite song. Was all the banter scripted? WHO THE HELL CARES, itís their job to entertain people.

Today, I see a band going through the motions.
Most of the time it looks like an excellent tribute band working their asses off to deliver their best to compensate for Jonís shortcomings. Itís not the bandís fault, Iím sure their relationship is easier now than it was on the last tour and the years before. But if Jon canít or wonít be the frontman he used to be, the show is just a pale imitation of what it was and the band is just thereÖ doing their job. Itís Jon and the BJ guys and some other people.

There are lots of easy, doable things that Jon can do to improve the show: Bring back the medleys and have the silly banter, who cares if itís scripted down to the last word. Donít have a damn catwalk and use it only once. Bring back the speeches between the songs (that was actually a highlight of this tour). Interact at least with the original members, I can understand why Jon is reluctant to pretend that losing 50% of what made the band great is not a big deal and he could treat Phil and Shanks as if they were Richie and expect fans not to complain. It is a good decision even though the show will never be the same, it's a compromise and I'm OK with it. But címon include Dave, my poor Dave, heís always picture perfect at the back, waiting for a chance to shine. Give the guy something to do, like they've done many times in the past. Those things require 0 effort and have always been done. And will improve the show whether Jon's voice continues to decline or not.

I can't understand why Jon stopped doing all the fun gimmicks he used to when his voice was still good. He should be even more reliant on those now that he can't please us with his voice, but it's the opposite. It probably due to confidence issues that come from not being able to deliver as a vocalist.
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