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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
Don't talk like that or Rdkopper will attack you within a few minutes! Someone like you, who has only ripped the band's albums for years and hasn't enjoyed anything since These Days isn't entitled to such a drastic point of view!!!
You're missing my point... People continue to bash Jon show after show because of his voice and trust me, I know it's shit... And it's not getting better. I'll be the first to say it...

Jon is not a lazy guy. He's got great work ethics and still runs/works out everyday... Why anyone would think that he doesn't care about his voice or stands at the mic as a sign of laziness is beyond me... Personally I think with this new Bon Jovi band, Jon is taking a darker approach... He's changing things up a little while keeping it the same, just like the way he changes things up with each album... I also think Jon performs in pain every night and when the show is over, his throat is on fire.

The people who bash Jon are selecting a few of the most difficult songs and ripping him a new asshole like he's a criminal. And it seems to be the same people who don't support the band.

Why does everyone who attends shows have different opinions? Everyone!!! I admit that 2013 was an autopilot glorified cover band with Jon as the lead singer.... And rightfully understandable too. All the new songs work well live. This House is a great opener, Knockout is fantastic, etc... Watching These Days and then judging the entire tour based off of that is not fair and those are the opinions I don't value.

In short, I value people's opinions who understand the band... Who understand the big picture. It's the people who buy the albums and attend the shows... Those are the educated fans who are deeper than "I listened to These Days, Jon Sucks, It's Over"!
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