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Originally Posted by 9Songs4U View Post
I could have happened... They were on tour together on 1995, so... There's a lot of chances that they may demoed it. Now, Cinderella's story is different... Jon decided to power on Cinderella, so Cinderella was powered by Bon Jovi since 1987 until 1990. However, Jon helped them a lot while they were releasing the Long Cold Winter record... He (Tom), said during an interview on 1989 that Jon and Richie bringed some songs to the record but at the end of the day, their hands were based on Don't Know What... On 1988 but strictly for the song structure... Now, there was no information they joined on studios. But The Time of Your Life, seems one of those songs that they could demo just for fun, as they have done with other songs
Of course it could be possible, a million things could be possible that we don't know about. Southside Johnny's horn section was there for Damned, they also could've recorded another song off TD with them that we don't know about.

But you asked if they demoed it and no, no such information ever became available. I mean playing it for fun, maybe. Recording it for the sake of releasing it, I'd say rather unlikely. The other covers were a nod to (especially) Jon's influences and of songs that had long been released, there was no reason to give Little Steven competition by releasing his song in a similar time frame.
Just because they were on tour together - one could argue even more that way if Bon Jovi demoed stuff like 18 & Life or I Remember You. Jon was great friends with Snake back then, they helped the band a lot in terms of giving their verdict on songs and taking them on tour with them. Doesn't mean they went into the studio and recorded their songs.
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