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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
Just because they were on tour together - one could argue even more that way if Bon Jovi demoed stuff like 18 & Life or I Remember You. Jon was great friends with Snake back then, they helped the band a lot in terms of giving their verdict on songs and taking them on tour with them. Doesn't mean they went into the studio and recorded their songs.
That's not really the same though, Skid Row are a band, it makes no sense that Bon Jovi would record demos of their songs. Whereas Little Steven was out of tour with Bon Jovi on his own, as a guest to both Crown Of Throrns and Bon Jovi. He didn't have a band with him. They may not have demoed the song, probably Little Steven did that on his own, but I also remember hearing that they are on the released recording, not just in the video. They do get a special thanks from Little Steven in the credits for the song so it makes sense...
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